Yard Sales…the way to go!

If you’re new to THM as well as new to being in the kitchen more often than not, don’t go to the store and spend tons of $$ on cooking utensils! Fall is in the air and that means this is the perfect time to go yard sale shopping!

This past Friday morning as I was out and about, I spotted a sign so I decided to check it out…seriously doubtful I would find anything. Lo and behold however, sitting in a box on the ground, this gorgeous wooden rolling pin was glistening in the sunlight, beckoning me to pick it up and take it home. I asked the nice lady of the house how much? …Y’all I walked outa there with a basically brand new, smooth, solid, cylinder mounted on ball bearings which turns independently between two handles rolling pin for a whoppin’ $0.75!

Now I’m off to make my Cheese Crackers and THIS TIME, they are all going to be evenly flat!

Rolling Pin

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