What is a “Fuel Pull” (FP)?

A Fuel Pull is basically tricking your body into thinking you’re eating something big, but in reality, your carb/fat count is very small. However, you want to be careful though because if you do too many FP’s, your body may think it’s starving which is not good for your metabolism. I like Fuel Pulls for snacks on occasion. Listen to your body to discern what’s best for you.

Example of an E meal converted to a FP:
Greek Yogurt Baked Chicken, Veggies (steamed in water), Quinoa or Lentils. Take away the Lentils and if you’re just eating the lean meat (your protein!!) with veggies, it becomes an FP.

Example of an S meal converted to a FP:
Salad with Creamy Ranch Dressing, Grilled Chicken (protein!), Nuts, Cheese. Take away the Nuts and Cheese (or substitute a little bit of skim mozzarella) and use a lighter salad dressing and it becomes a FP.

This allows your body to go straight to burning your body fat because it skips burning the fattening/high carb ingredients.



  1. Linda Pettit says:

    Just heard about THM at church yesterday so I have yet to buy and read the book. (I am seeing blogs that say it is hard to understand and complex. So seems I may need a THM for dummies. DUMB it down! What does the E and the S stand for word wise? Thank you for explaining FP and dumbing down for me. K.I.S.S. =Keep It Simple Sweetie!

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