What is THM

THM stands forTrim Healthy Mama. Their slogan “You’ll never look at food the same way again!” is quite possibly an understatement! Those of you who have been changed (for life) by this way of eating know what I’m talking about. In a nutshell, THM is about pairing your foods so as to prohibit spiking your blood sugar, which will then enable your metabolism to take the name “burning furnace”. This, my friends, is a very good thing!

So by the way, this is not a “for women only” lifestyle. This food plan is for ANYONE and EVERYONE! Once you understand the principles of the lifestyle, you will then have the freedom to pair foods as you wish that will suit your personal needs. Gluten free or not, allergies or no allergies, THM is for you.

A glimpse into my THM life…some of my staple foods include: chocolate, lemon truffle balls, chocolate peanut butter protein milkshakes, homemade pizza, heavy cream, cheese, butter and MUCH more! Aaaand I’m losing weight and inches. No lie. Sound intriguing? I encourage you to check out their book and browse through the THM Facebook page!

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  1. Debbie says:

    Can’t wait to learn the differences between E meals and S meals and all those cross over meals in between!
    Have 2 THM books in our home now!! 😉
    I Need to make some of those amazing desserts I see on your face book page and your Pinterest pages!
    So excited to see this blog! Keep the info coming!

    • Jen says:

      Thanks! I hope many people will be blessed by this blog! Hoping others will see the incredible ways to eat healthy and yet *enjoy* their food!

  2. Lysa says:

    I am excited to start THM. I am reading the book now and plan on starting in a week. I bought some xylitol is that the same as using stevia?
    Look forward to this blog for tips and tricks!

    • Jen says:

      Hi Lysa! Welcome to THM life! Xylitol is pretty different than stevia. A few things to take note about xylitol…It tastes amazing, however some people have found if you eat too much of it, it can cause stomach issues. I have personally had some not-so-fun experiences myself, so this is why you will find only a small amount of xylitol in my recipes and I pair it with other sweeteners. I find that diversifying sweeteners is a great way to make them last longer as well as get the sweet taste that I’m looking for. With Stevia, if you put too much, sometimes it can make desserts/drinks taste bitter. I encourage you to experiment with different sweeteners and find your favorite! Here is a THM Sweetener Conversion Chart that I use all the time! Feel free to download it and save it to your phone or computer for future use! So back to xylitol, please take note that it is toxic to doggies, so be careful if you have a furry friend around. 🙂 Hope this helps!

  3. Lysa says:

    Thanks as a vet tech I have lots of furry family! I did notice the bag of it said it may cause loose stools! I will try others and see what I like:) THANK YOU!

    • Jen says:

      Welcome Sharon to THM life! There are so many amazingly yummy and satisfying recipes with THM! I’m sure you will love it! You will never go hungry plus your metabolism will kick into high gear and you will feel great! 🙂

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