Shocked at the Outcome: Starbucks Bagged Coffee per cup vs. the Price of Starbucks K Cup per cup!

Cup of Coffee

We just love the taste of Starbucks coffee around here. Not like, LOVE! As I was basking in the wonderful aroma of freshly brewed Starbucks coffee a few mornings ago, I started fooling around with some numbers/scenarios and discovered some shocking news regarding Starbucks bagged coffee, price per cup vs. Starbucks K Cups, price per cup! I think you will find this quite intriguing as well…

12oz bag off Starbucks Coffee = 1 1/2 Cups of Ground Coffee. 1 1/2 Cups = 24 TBS.

It takes a heaping 2 TBS to make one good, large cup of coffee (according to Jen’s standards;)), therefore…

1 (12oz) bag of coffee will make approximately 11 cups of coffee (24 TBS divided by 2 TBS = approximately 11 TBS – 11 because of the “heaping” TBS).

If 1 (12oz) bag of coffee costs around $8.00 then:
$8.00/11 TBS = $0.73 per cup of coffee!!? Crazies. Not happening.

NOW if I only pay around $6 per bag because of coupons/sale, then:
$6.00/11 TBS = $0.55 per cup…still, for me this is pushing it, the price per cup. When I buy Starbucks K cups when they’re on sale and I have coupons, usually my max price is around $0.37 per cup. I was assuming all this time that bagged coffee was around $0.37 per cup, cheaper than K Cups! Boy was I wrong!! Mine as well just buy K Cups if you’re in need of coffee and it’s not on sale! K Cups usually run anywhere between $0.60 per cup to $0.75 per cup.

Thankfully Starbucks Coffee Bags are on sale this week at Target! So with coupons, out of pocket I paid around $4.00 per bag! This makes it $0.36 per cup! My stock up price! Whew! This is WHY I stock up on coffee when it’s on sale/coupons, because I refuse to pay $0.79 per cup of coffee! And you should refuse too;)


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