Payin’ Pennies for Pepperoni!

Stopped by Target tonight for a quick replenish of cream and yogurt (because I just HAVE to make more Sweet Muffins! I warmed a few for breakfast this morning and smuggled a little butter inside. Oooh boy. Then the sweet savory moist taste of the muffin mixed with the warm deliciously bitter sensation of coffee…totally just put me over the edge for displaying huge ginormous smiles today. But we’re not here to talk about that now are we! Oops!)

ANYway, so as I was rushing down a few isles (rushing because I had shorts on and it’s always freezing in stores in the summer time! The irony.) I passed these guys! Thought I would share because they are so great for THM pizzas!! Buy 3 get one free at $2.99 makes them only $2.24 each if you got 4! I think at Publix they are almost $4 each! Plus don’t forget about saving 5% if you have a Target Red Card! Sometimes I see coupons for these too, however I’m not sure any are available right now…if you’re a couponer, check your binders! If I see a coupon for an item I know I will use sometime in the future, I always print it/cut it out and save for a good sale like this one!

My favorite way to eat the turkey pepperoni is to crisp them in the microwave just like you would bacon, on a plate with a paper towel! They come out crunchy (gatta have my crunch) which is the ONLY way to eat pepperoni in my opinion. 🙂


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