Jen’s Chocolate Mistakes


I want to share these with you all because I want you to succeed in making the real deal delicious skinny chocolate!

Mistake #1. The coconut oil was too hot (not room temperature) and I put the cocoa in before the oil cooled all the way. It all became super rubbery and clumpy and the oil separated from the cocoa. Bummer. I promise you don’t want to do this.

Mistake #2. I put the coconut oil on the stove top and turned up the heat, then mixed in ground Xylitol in hopes that it will dissolve the Xylitol. Boy was I wrong! I made rock candy. So I guess if you like rock candy, this would be one way to make it with Xylitol! Lol! However, I must warn you, it was SUPER hard!

Mistake #3. Putting hot coconut oil (with sweetener) in the fridge or freezer does NOT help. Everything still separates.

Another note: If you don’t have the sweeteners that I use in my recipes, then my best recommendation is just trial and error with your sweeteners until you find the perfect sweetness for you. However this THM Sweetener Conversion Chart should be awesome in helping you figure out the measurements!

So basically the answer is this: your coconut oil needs to be liquid, but at room temperature. If your coconut oil is hard, then microwave it for NO MORE than 7 seconds. If you don’t have a microwave, then put the jar in warm/hot water but the coconut oil has to cool to room temp before doing anything with it.

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