Chocolate with No Coconut Flavor!

So when I first started THM, I didn’t realize there are actually two different kinds of coconut oil. The best kind for your body health-wise is obviously organic, and it’s unrefined, non-GMO blah blah. It’s super awesome, the problem though when making homemade chocolate  for either Skinny Chocolate II recipe (which is my preferred Skinny Chocolate recipe) or Milk Chocolate, it just tastes like coconut. Ew! Unless of course you’re attempting to make coconutty chocolate or the Almondless Joy Chocolate, then it’s a perfect fit. But when I make Reese’s Cups or Chocolate bites with a pb center, I’m not favoring the coconut flavor, if ya know what I mean. SO, in this one area of “baking”, I highly recommend LouAna Refined Coconut Oil. Not as many health benefits but it’s still Non-GMO and Non Hydrogenated plus but let’s face it, we need good tasting chocolate in our lives! And cocoa in itself has many health benefits. So there. We still win.

Here is a picture of the lovely container so you can know what to look for at the grocery store. I’ve noticed both Walmart and Publix carry it for around $5-$6 for 30 ounces which I think is a pretty decent price. Huge *Whoop Whoop* for chocolate that makes us skinny!!
LouAna Coconut Oil

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  1. Debra Schramm says:

    I use Tropical Traditions Organic Expeller pressed coconut oil. No flavor or scent. It goes on sale B1G1 quite often. I don’t mind ordering online I actually prefer it being delivered to my door.

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